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Posted on3 Years ago

Sweet soy sauce is a complementary ingredient for several food preparations, so it has a delicious taste. Almost some of Indonesian culinary specialties are synonymous with the addition of sweet soy sauce ranging from satay, stews, krengsengan, fried rice (Nasi goreng), grilled meatballs to chicken noodles.

Not infrequently the legit taste of food lies in the use of soy sauce while cooking.

Although sweet soy sauce is quite often used when processing food ingredients, not many people understand that there are various positive benefits for body health.

1. Able to help lower cholesterol
Black soybeans, which are the basic ingredients for making sweet soy sauce, have positive health benefits.

2. Streamlining the digestive system, so as to prevent constipation
Sweet soy sauce is often used to add flavor in various dishes. Not only can it make delicious food, but sweet soy sauce is rich in nutrients.
If consumed according to the portion, sweet soy sauce can help accelerate the digestive system. This is because it can increase the intake of good bacteria in the large intestine.

3. Helps you lose weight with nutritious intake
Please note that there are other nutrients contained in black soybeans, namely fiber, iron, vitamin K, manganese, magnesium, copper, riboflavin and antioxidants.

4. Maintain bone health in order to remain optimal
Black donkey is not only able to reduce appetite, but also provides benefits because it can maintain bone health.
It should be noted that black soybeans that have been processed into sweet soy sauce have natural compounds. These compounds contribute to maintaining healthy bones.

5. Prevent the risk of coronary heart disease
Coronary heart disease can happen to anyone, including those who do not maintain their health and diet.
Therefore, it is very important to eat the right foods so that the risk of coronary heart disease can be handled properly. Sweet soy sauce derived from black soybeans can be a recommendation, so it can maintain heart health.

6. Reducing the risk of diabetes
The delicious sweet soy sauce is produced by combining black soybeans with brown sugar. Both of these ingredients are able to provide good thickness and of course healthy.
The flavoring ingredients that are often used for cooking contain fiber, so they can increase insulin in the body. The nutritional content in black soybeans can reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

INDOSTAR produces sweet soy sauce with black kedalai (local product) ingredients from its own plantations. Indostar sweet soy sauce is processed naturally (fermented soybeans) so there is no need to add flour to make it look thick, Indostar sweet soy sauce uses Javanese sugar so it doesn't use dyes.

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