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Posted on2 Years ago

Noodles is a topic of debate Italians, Chinese, and Arabs have claimed their nation as the creator of the first noodles, although the oldest writings say mi originated from the Eastern Han Service, around 25 and 220 AD. But in October 2005, the oldest estimated 4,000-year-old was found in Qinghai, China.

Mi is a generic name. For Europeans noodles are called pasta derived from Italian in English Generic, as for the English people they call it noodles. But in Europe the raw material of noodles is usually from the types of gandung, while in Asia the raw material of noodles is more varied.


Various types of processed noodles in various countries such as:

• Bihun: noodles from China 

• Spaghetti: noodles of Italian origin

• Bakmi pundong / mi Java : noodles from Java (Indonesia)

• Udon: japanese noodles

And there are many more noodles in different countries, with different flavors

Noodles are divided into two types, namely instant noodles and also wet noodles.

Instant noodles are noodles that have been cooked first and mixed with miyak, and can and can be prepared for consumption just by adding hot water. Instant noodles are noodles that are complete with spices and can be eaten anywhere only hot water supplies.


Wet noodles are a type of noodle that undergoes boiling process after the cutting stage and before being marketed and easily digested by the stomach within 32 hours.

Although noodles are widely loved by some people, noodles also have a negative impact on health. If overconsumption such as:

• Indigestion

• High sodium

• And at risk of diabetes

Instant noodles and wet noodles will be very dangerous if consumed excessively, so it must be balanced.


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