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Posted on3 Years ago

Palm Sugar

Palm sugar or brown sugar is a sweetener made from nira derived from bunches of male flowers of enau trees. Palm sugar is usually also associated with all kinds of sugars made from nira, which is a liquid that is released from the flowers of trees from the palma family, such as coconut, aren, and borassus.

Powdered palm sugar is often referred to as Ant sugar or Crystal Sugar. It is called ant sugar because this form of sugar resembles an ant house nesting in the ground.

How to Make

As brown sugar Flowers (mayang) or (Coconut Flowers) that have not bloomed are tied firmly (sometimes pressed with two wooden sticks) at the base so that the process of flower expansion becomes hampered. Food juices that are supposed to be used for flower expansion accumulate into sugar liquid. Mayang swells. After the swelling process stops, the stem of the mayang is sliced to gradually release the sugar liquid. The liquid is usually accommodated with timba made from the leaves of the palm tree. The accommodated liquid is taken gradually, usually 2-3 times. The liquid is then heated to a fire until thick Once completely viscous, the liquid is poured into bowls made of palm leaves and ready to market. Brown sugar is mostly used as a raw material for sweet soy sauce.

As palm sugar The male flower of the enau tree is collected first in a bamboo roof. To prevent nira from experiencing peragian and nira that has been fermented can not be made sugar, then into the bamboo roof added laru or kawao that serves as a natural preservative.

Once the amount is sufficient, the nira is boiled on the stove in a large frying pan. The best wood for cooking palm sugar comes from old palm wood. Because these calories are higher than regular firewood, the cooking process is also faster. However, the heat should not be too large until it enters the pan and licks and burns the sugar that is being cooked. If this happens the sugar will be charred, the taste will be bitter and the color will be black.

Palm sugar is already formed when the nira becomes concentrated, heavy when stirred and if scooped from the pan and poured back stir will be disjointed. And if pour into cold water, this concentrated liquid will form a thread that does not break. When that's the case, the dough is lifted from the furnace and printed.

As sugar ants The basic ingredient for making ant sugar is nira from Coconut tree or palm tree (enau). Because these two trees belong to the palmae plant species then in a foreign language, in general the ant sugar is only referred to as Palm Sugar or Palm Zuiker

Brown sugar content

In every 100 grams that brown sugar contains:

calcium: 90 mg

Iron: 4 mg

the rest of the carotene

Vitamin A, B12, C, E


Mineral salts

Coarse protein.

What is the difference between palm sugar, brown sugar, and Java sugar? Perhaps there are still many people who are confused by the terms palm sugar, brown sugar, and java sugar. Most people probably think all three have the same sense. Actually, palm sugar belongs to the group of brown sugar. In Indonesia, there are two types of sugar that are often used, namely white sugar and brown sugar. Examples of white sugar are granulated sugar and rock sugar which are both derived from sugar cane stems, while examples of brown sugar, namely palm sugar, coconut sugar, and sugar enan. You have learned that palm sugar can also be called brown sugar because it belongs to the type of brown sugar. However, what is java sugar? Java sugar is another name of coconut sugar which is also included in the brown sugar group. As the name implies, coconut sugar is produced from the tapping of coconut tree water. Coconut sugar is often known as Javanese sugar because it is a mainstay product of several districts in Java island such as Purworejo district. It can be concluded if sugar palm and coconut sugar (javanese sugar) can both be said as brown sugar but have a difference in the origin of the source of water niranya. In addition, physically, palm sugar has a brighter color than coconut sugar.

1. Preventing cancer The benefits of palm sugar can prevent various types of cancer. This is because palm sugar has a very high content of vitamin C so as to ward off various free radicals causing cancer.

2. Overcome the problem of anemia In addition to vitamin C, palm sugar also contains a considerable amount of iron. Iron in palm sugar has benefits to increase the production of red blood cells so that the problem of anemia can be solved.

3. Preventing skin damage Antioxidant content in palm sugar not only serves to prevent cancer but also good for skin health. Through its antioxidant content, the benefits of palm sugar can prevent skin damage.

4. Improving the immune system Consumption of palm sugar turns out to also improve the immune system. This is not separated because of the high antioxidant content in palm sugar. So, you can also boost your immune system by consuming palm sugar or through foods that contain brown sugar.

5. Keeping cholesterol levels normal There is one benefit of palm sugar that is good for heart health. The benefits of palm sugar is that it can keep cholesterol levels normal. This is due to the presence of niacin or vitamin B3 content that is quite a lot in palm sugar.

6. Smooth the skin Antioxidant content in palm sugar is good for the skin is more complete with niacin content in it which is also good for the skin. The benefits of palm sugar can make your skin smoother and look more beautiful.

7. Maintaining the health of the digestive system The benefits of palm sugar are also good for the health of the digestive system. Palm sugar contains a lot of dietary fiber. The fiber content of food is what makes the digestive process run well.

8. Maintaining the stability of body temperature Palm sugar can also warm the body. This will be more pronounced if you consume palm sugar along with ginger in the form of ginger wedang. The benefits of brown sugar can also prevent or relieve flu symptoms.

9. Treat canker sores If you are canker sores then you consume enough palm sugar because it can treat canker sores on your gums or lips. You can consume palm sugar directly or in other forms of food.

10. Supporting the diet program For those of you who are undergoing a diet program then you should replace your white sugar with brown sugar this one. Palm sugar has a lower caloric content than granulated sugar so it is good to maintain a limit on the amount of daily caloric intake.

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